Report: Apple moves away from AR glasses and instead focuses on mixed reality -.

It seems Apple is abandoning its efforts to make augmented reality glasses. As reported by Bloomberg, the Silicon Valley tech giant would now focus its efforts on the mixed reality space.

The reason behind the decision would revolve around technical challenges and also cost, which seems to mirror the problems other tech giants such as Google and Microsoft have faced with their Google Glass and HoloLens systems, respectively.

The mixed-reality space will not be exclusive to Apple, however, as Meta and Google both also have projects in the works that are said to want to take advantage of the technology. As for when we will see this new project in action, it has been noted that the timeline will see the first mixed-reality system arrive this year.

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Details about the system are being kept pretty close to the chest by Apple, but this change in strategy raises the question of how Google, Microsoft and Meta are doing with their AR projects, as Meta claims it hopes to launch its device next year.

Report: Apple moves away from AR glasses and focuses on mixed reality instead

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