iPhone Air (concept): what a foldable iPhone 14 might look like. VIDEO

From time to time, there is a concept developed by an independent designer that shows us what Apple could do if it really wanted to enter the market for foldable devices. One such concept is the iPhone Air, made by designer Antonia De Rosa, which shows us what a foldable iPhone would look like if it followed the current exterior lines of the phone series, as well as some of the rumored design suggestions for the iPhone. 14 Pro.

iPhone Air borrows design elements from iPhone 14 leaks

De Rosa made an extremely thin iPhone Air with a metal frame with completely straight edges, just like the iPhone 12 and 13 series. It features a small metal hinge with the Apple logo on the back. , which disappears when the phone is fully open. In fact, the screen of the phone is very high and seems to give up the notch, in favor of two cutouts. It’s a leaky design I’ve seen on the iPhone 14 Pro before, with a small round cutout for the camera and a longer one for the Face ID system.

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On the back we also have some interesting design elements. First of all, a three-chamber system that does not stand out from the glass lid, something that probably would not be possible in such a thin body. Then we have a flash and the LiDAR sensor at the top, but also a secondary screen on the side. It would be similar to what Samsung, Motorola or Huawei offer on their “Flip” foldables, but it seems to use the size and format of the Apple Watch. The interface is clearly inspired by Apple watches, where you can quickly see notifications or have quick access to certain quick settings.

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Very interesting is the fact that the iPhone Air is presented as a “portless” phone, without a Lightning jack, so probably dependent on wireless charging. It would also be water and dust resistant, just like the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3.

Apple holds patents for foldable phones

It is very possible that such a device with a similar design and probably some technical changes (around the cameras or screens) will be built somewhere in Apple labs. The company has been flirting with the concept of foldable phones for many years, having multiple patents registered for such electronic products. However, as we have seen in recent years, Apple is in no hurry to adopt new technologies until they reach a certain maturity.

Meanwhile, Samsung dominates the folding market, and will launch in 2022 the fourth generation of such devices. It is rumored that Galaxy Z Fold4 will be the first foldable with stylus integrated in the body of the device, just like Galaxy S22 Ultra and Note models from the past.

source: Phone Arena

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