Captain Pike returns to Strange New Worlds: a new Star Trek series on the horizon

The Star Trek universe is set to be enriched with a new series, this time focusing entirely on the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike, who was later replaced in the “Original Series” by the legendary James T. Kirk, played at the time. , by William Shatner.

The first trailer was released last night on Paramount’s official YouTube channel, later becoming unavailable for totally unknown reasons – not fast enough not to be copied and republished by other users of the platform, however.

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” now offers hope to devoted fans of the Trek franchise, especially after the latest failures, in terms of recent television adaptations.

Captain Pike, played by Anson Mount, made his Star Trek Discovery debut for the first time. The newest production aims to take him out of the position of secondary character and to put him both literally and figuratively, at the helm.

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The cast also includes Ethan Peck, whom I also saw in Discovery, playing Spock and trying to match the performance of his predecessor, Leonard Nimoy.

What we know so far about “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”

Although production for the series “Strange New Worlds” has already begun, with a trailer being released as such, an exact release date has not been announced. What we do know is that we will be able to see the show sometime this year.

Fans are already having colossal expectations from the new series, hoping that, at least this time, the Star Trek spirit will be included in the script and production.

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The only series that has managed, lately, to bring back the old vibe, was “Picard”, but not for the right reasons. Any fan of “Next Generation” will appreciate, first of all, the “bringing back to life” of some characters that are played by the actors who consecrated them. As for the scenario, opinions were divided.

It remains to be seen how Strange New Worlds will be able (and especially if it succeeds) to bring its fans “home”.

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