Bad news from Porsche: what happens to Taycan production

Porsche will suspend production of its Taycan electric model at the group’s Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant until the end of next week, the company said in a statement, citing a lack of components.

Taycan may be one of Porsche’s most popular models, but the crisis in Ukraine has led to the temporary suspension of production of its all-electric sedan by the sports car manufacturer.

The European car industry has barely managed to recover from the blockages and the continuing lack of semiconductors, while a new, potentially bigger problem has arisen.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine amplifies parts supply problems and adds new ones, forcing many car factories to stop production.

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European carmakers are struggling to get crucial wiring, as suppliers in western Ukraine have been blocked by Russia’s invasion, forcing them to cut production.

The carmaker is temporarily shutting down production of Taycan EV due to a lack of components caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The European car industry is suffering

The production of the electric battery-powered sports sedan is suspended at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen carmaker’s plant from Wednesday afternoon until the end of next week.

Stopping about 200 Taycan cars cannot be built a day, Porsche said in a statement.

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According to Automotive News, short-term production losses are expected to reach 50,000-100,000 units in Europe. Russia’s car industry is expected to be severely devastated by sanctions.

Leipzig’s Porsche plans to build the Macan SUV and the Panamera sedan will resume production next week at lower levels as the supply situation has improved, Porsche said.

Production of the 911 and 718 series at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is not currently affected, the carmaker said.

Another piece of bad news is that the war in Ukraine will also affect the semiconductor industry, as Ukraine has been responsible for at least half of the global supply of neon gas used to power lasers, which are used to produce chips.

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