Top 10 Netflix, in the last week: what movies and series people are watching

Netflix remains the world’s most beloved streaming giant, adding new and important headlines every month when it comes to movies and series.

Let’s see which are the most loved and watched movies on Netflix this week. From the outset, it can be seen that “The Adam Project” continues not only to maintain itself, but even to climb to the top of all times.

10. “Return to Space” (4,550,000), has been viewed 2,136,150 times;

9. “Shrek” (5,340,000 viewing hours) was viewed 3,560,000 times;

8. “How It Ends” (5,650,000 viewing hours), was viewed 2,973,684 times;

7. “Enough” (5,790,000 viewing hours), has been viewed 3,000,000 times;

6. “Four Brothers” (8,170,000 viewing hours), was viewed 4,513,812 times;

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5. “The Blind Side” (8,710,000 viewing hours) was viewed 4,051,162 times;

4. “Shrek Forever After” (9,770,000 Hours Viewed), has been viewed 6,303,225 times;

3. “The Bubble” (9,950,000 viewing hours), was viewed 4,738,095 times;

2. “The Adam Project” (10,900,000 viewing hours), was viewed 6,193,181 times;

1. “The In Between” (26,770,000 viewing hours) was viewed 14,015,706 times.

Netflix’s Top 10 English-language series this week

As for the Netflix series in this week’s charts, we note that the new season of “Bridgerton” is doing quite well, also being in the lead. In addition, the first season is in turn in the top 3.

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“Inventing Anna”, by Shonda Rhymes, is stubborn not to leave the top yet, occupying a comfortable place 5.

  1. “Bridgerton”: Season 2 (115,750,000 hours of viewing);
  2. “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On”: Season 1 (43,710,000 hours of viewing);
  3. “Bridgerton”: Season 1 (35,760,000 hours of viewing);
  4. “Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story”: Limited series (17,700,000 hours of viewing);
  5. “Inventing Anna”: limited series (17,320,000 hours of viewing);
  6. “Better Call Saul”: Season 5 (15,170,000 hours of viewing);
  7. “Is It Cake?”: Season 1 (14,760,000 hours of viewing);
  8. “Super PupZ”: Season 1 (13,770,000 hours of viewing);
  9. “The Last Kingdom”: Season 5 (12,970,000 hours of viewing);
  10. “CoComelon”: Season 5 (12,630,000 hours of viewing).

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