Bob Dylan has sold his “genius”: who now owns the artist’s music catalog

Many fans may be disappointed to learn that Bob Dylan has sold his entire music catalog to a company, so he is now the big owner of the artist’s genius works.

The announcement was made by Sony Music Entertainment on Monday. In fact, the company is the one that, from now on, will hold the exclusive rights, in terms of the music of the beloved American poet and singer.

How much is Bob Dylan worth, according to Sony Music Entertainment

According to the announcement, the rights to the current and future releases will be owned by Sony Music Entertainment. The giant bought the “package” for 200 million US dollars. The deal was released in July of last year and includes all of Bob Dylan’s recordings from 1962 (the year Rough and Rowdy Ways’ debut album was released) and continues to be present. Moreover, any future creation of the artist will also be the subject of this contract.

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Obviously, Bob Dylan is not the only artist who chooses to do this, as there are precedents in the music industry for duium and for other artists.

For example, Bruce Springsteen sold his recorded music catalogs to Sony Music for $ 550 million. In addition, the music catalog created by the great and incomparable David Bowie was sold to Warner Chappell Music. The company bought the rights to Bowie’s music for $ 250 million. Mötley Crüe rock band sold everything to BMG at the end of November 2021 for about $ 90 million.

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Bob Dylan is also the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017. At the time, the artist chose to shock, refusing to attend the ceremony to raise and honor his prestigious award.

He was born 80 years ago and has been constantly rewriting the history of world music for about 60 years.

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