An NFT cockfighting game has been canned –

The NFT craze may seem to have died down a bit, but there are still plenty of people trying to make them the future. One project that tried to bring NFTs to video games was MechaFightClub, where your NFT would basically fight someone else’s.

Also, did we mention that the game revolved around cockfighting? Not literal cockfights, because the chickens fighting to the death are technically mechs, and they are NFTs (because of course they are), but still, had this game been released, you can imagine Peta would have been on his case pretty quickly.

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MechaFightClub managed to raise about $40 million in private funding, according to an SEC filing. Moreover, the company that made the now-canceled game has switched to AI. But for those who bought a robot chicken, you can redeem it for Solana, a popular cryptocurrency, which values each chicken at about $378.

Irreverant Labs, the developer of MechaFightClub, claims that the decision to cancel the game stemmed from unclear regulations surrounding blockchain in the U.S., although the statement reads as quite misleading. Was this a scam to get people to buy useless NFTs again, or was it a genuine attempt to take a step forward in pay-to-earn games? That’s up to you to decide, but you can check out the full statement here.

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An NFT cockfighting game has been canned

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