An interesting new Disney + series: When You Can See Willow

Disney + is finally ready to share more details about the Willow rebirth, as you can see below.

The streamer revealed that the TV series, simply titled Willow, will premiere on November 30. The trailer for the series doesn’t tell us much about what we’ll see in the next series, but we do see an older Willow Ufgood returning to save a future queen from the clutches of evil. He will join an eclectic troupe of adventurers, but this time he is clearly more experienced than in the 1988 film, which made history in his day.

Warwick Davis returns as Willow

The series introduces Warwick Davis to the role of the famous Willow. At least a few well-known actors join the cast, including Ellie Bamber (who previously appeared on The Serpent, which aired on Netflix), and former “Disney student” Erin Kellyman, who appeared in Solo and The Falcon and the Winter. Soldier).

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Admittedly, Jon Chu was originally scheduled to direct, but was replaced by several directors when he had to resign due to restrictions imposed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Film director Ron Howard will be, without a doubt, an executive producer.

It can be said that the announcement comes at just the right time: while Disney has shared more details about the next Star Wars franchise series, including Andor and Skeleton Crew.

The company is not shy at all when it comes to sharing important details about the Disney + strategy. The service “packs” its program with more and more original productions, in an attempt to keep people glued to the screens, relying, in parallel, on the revival of older franchises that, in their time, were particularly appreciated by the general public.

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