What’s new on Netflix in October: the streaming giant’s full list of movies and shows launching this month

Netflix has been, is, and will remain for at least a while, one of the world’s most popular streaming networks. Despite having encountered setbacks, the giant seems to be bouncing back.

Clearly, after all the problems it’s had, Netflix has thought better of itself and decided to make a change, banking on quality productions as well as big releases.

Unfortunately, while it used to be fairly easy for it to maintain its supremacy, in 2022 that’s not so easy anymore, since it has to fight side by side with HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others.

What’s happening this October on Netflix: lots of new shows, exciting movies

According to Netflix, the platform will be getting richer this month with new movies, series, documentaries, and other niche offerings designed to give you yet another reason to never leave the house.

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  • The School for Good and Evil: from October 19;
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: from October 25;
  • The Good Nurse: from 26 October;
  • Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: as of October 5;
  • Luckiest Girl Alive: from October 7;
  • Old People: as of October 7;
  • The Curse of Bridge Hallow: from October 14;
  • The Stranger: from October 19;
  • All Quiet on the Western Front: from October 28;
  • Wendell & Wild: as of October 28;
  • 20th Century Girl: coming soon.


  • Highwater – new series: from October 5;
  • Bling Empire – season 3: from October 5;
  • Derry Girls – season 3: from October 7;
  • Glitch – new series: from October 7;
  • The Midnight Club – new series: from October 7;
  • Little Women – new series: from 8 October;
  • Belascoaran – new series: from 12 October;
  • The Playlist – new series: from 13 October;
  • Black Butterflies – new series: from 14 October;
  • Once Upon a Small Town: from October 17;
  • Somebody Feed Phil – season 6: from October 18;
  • Unsolved Mysteries – volume 3: episodes 1-3 (from October 18)/ episodes 4-6 (from October 25);
  • Notre-Dame – new series: from October 19;
  • The Green Glove Gang – new series: from October 19;
  • Barbarians II – new season: from October 21;
  • Big Mouth – season 6: from 28 October;
  • Deadwind – season 3: from 29 October.
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