Watch this strange, modular meat puppet come to life -.

A new video from the Bodification exhibition at the MOD Museum in South Australia has an eerie and interesting new video of a ‘modular body’ show.

In a short clip that lasts just over a minute, we see a scientist cutting pieces of what was once a chicken. As each piece is assembled, we see the beginnings of a body forming, as it appears as if the modular body is coming to life.


Fortunately, this is not really the resurrection of a chicken from beyond the grave, but actually an artist’s creation that is part of the exhibition. There are plenty of other videos around The Modular Body, and the Bodification exhibition itself shows plenty of other strange glimpses of potential, dystopian futures.

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The exhibition combines science and fictional ideas about what our future might look like and presents various solutions to the problem of our bodies, including cyberpunk-like replacements for body parts.

Watch this strange, modular meat puppet come to life

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