Gamer Shocked With Extremely Dirty CPU But Why Does It Look So Green?

(Bild: The Last of Us - HBO)

(Bild: The Last of Us – HBO)

Let’s be honest: many of us who own a PC have in the past opened up the computer and been shocked at what it looks like inside. Especially before the time of the glass windows in the PC case. They make sure that one or the other cleans the computer more often.

But that’s certainly not the case everywhere, as a Reddit post by user South-Bech-980 makes clear. Apparently he’s been wondering why his PC was running so hot for the past few weeks. A glance at the computer quickly provided the answer.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please take a look at our guide to cleaning your PC:

Clean your PC: This is how you remove dust from your housing and components

Moss-covered fan?!

(Bild: Reddit.comuSouth-Beach-980)


Admittedly, we can’t tell you whether the dirt on the shown CPU cooler is really moss. But it actually looks like something green has grown between the grooves.

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A look at the picture is a very clear reminder that you should definitely clean your computer more often – especially the fans.

The comparisons in the comments speak volumes. Many people are reminded of the green deposits of grass from the meadow, but we can also understand the comparisons to cannabis or indications of its residues.

However, several posts report that in their experience smoke residues are brown or similar in color. So the green causes some irritation.

Still others suspect algae, moss or a Cordyceps infestation, as in The Last Of Us. Unfortunately, South Beach 980 has not yet given us an answer to the question of what exactly he did to turn the residue green.

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Too much dirt can be harmful

The fact that something like this can also be bad for the hardware is not only shown by the South Beach 980 with its overly hot CPU. Other users also report similar experiences with their PCs.

FalseTebibyte writes, for example, that he once had to replace the fans on his Radeon R9 290X because they broke from being too dirty. He talks about starting vaping without thinking about electronics.

So if you vape or smoke something in your apartment, it’s best to take a look at your hardware. She’ll be happy to see you. You can find even more stories from the Reddit (mad) garden in the following article:

What do you think, how did the dust residue turn so green? Have you ever had similar experiences with your hardware in terms of dirt? When was the last time you cleaned your PC? And have you ever had to exchange hardware because it was too dirty? Let us know your opinions and experiences in the comments!

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