Voice of the People Immersion Pack now available – That’s Gaming

Lose yourself in the dramatic political scheming of the 19th century as famous historical figures lobby for their desired policies in Voice of the People, a new immersion expansion for Victoria 3, now available. With dozens of new historical characters, you can write an intriguing new history of the Victorian era, where nihilistic authors and liberal reformers challenge established authorities.

Victoria 3 is Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy simulation of society in the century from Andrew Jackson to World War I. Players guide the industrial, political and social development of a historic nation, moving with the zeitgeist as new ideologies and shifting political alliances challenge your grand plans. In Voice of the People, more historical flavor is added with new characters integrated into the new Agitator mechanism, as well as a deeper simulation of French politics of the century, with new events, missions and more.

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