Diablo 4 Beta Version and the Best Skills for each class

In anticipation of the Diablo 4 release date on 06-06-2023, players have had the opportunity of discovering the open Diablo 4 beta version that began on March 20. Read on for the entire scoop by Royals Blue experts

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📍 TopicDiablo 4 Beta Version and the Best Skills for each class
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Despite some connection problems and a sometimes long waiting time, this beta allows fans to familiarize themselves with the different classes and their skills in order to prepare their character for the final game.

The Hunter: A powerful class in Diablo 4


By choosing the Hunter as a class, players have the opportunity to become a true secret killing machine, capable of both hand-to-hand and ranged combat. With an optimized build and mastered skills, no mistakes will be made during the testing phase until level 25 when you are ready to take on the evil world of Diablo.

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Essential Skills of the Hunter in Diablo IV

  • Improved Barrage or Improved Blade Assault;
  • Shadowfall;
  • Skill +3 Incitement to Glory (Renown).

It is important to choose these skills wisely from the start, as it can mean the difference between victory and defeat in battles against the demonic hordes.

The barbarian: A tough and fierce class

The barbarian is another class available in Diablo 4. These brave and unyielding warriors are able to withstand the toughest of situations with their brute strength and endurance. They use fury as a resource and rely on the Arsenal system, sometimes requiring a particular type of weapon or combination of weapons to use certain skills.

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The key skills of the barbarian

  • Hammer of the Ancients – Fury Attack;
  • Wrath of the Berserker – Generation of Fury (60 second cooldown): Increases damage by 25% and movement speed by 30%;
  • Iron Maelstrom (50 second cooldown): Heavy physical damage from spinning attacks.

These skills are recommended to get the most out of your barbarian and to strike down your enemies with relentless rage.

The Witch: A magical and mysterious class in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 - The Witch

For those who prefer magical powers, the witch is an ideal option in Diablo 4. This class allows you to control the elements and inflict heavy damage from a distance. With the right choice of skills, the Witch becomes formidable against the dark forces invading the world of Sanctuary.

The essential skills of the Witch in Diablo IV

  • Fire Bolt;
  • Teleport (22 second cooldown);
  • Conduit (90 second cooldown).

These skills must be mastered to fully utilize the Witch’s potential, making her a valuable ally in the fight against evil.

Statues of Lilith: A key element of the Diablo IV game

Diablo 4 - Statues of Lilith

In addition to choosing a class and skill, knowing the location of the statues of Lilith in Diablo 4 is also essential for interacting with them. Thanks to a map revealed on Reddit, here’s where you can find these altars:

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Diablo 4 promises to be a content-rich and challenging Action-RPG for fans of the series. It is therefore essential to prepare your character well and master your skills to face the many trials that await us in this new opus.

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