Citroën makes more My Ami Buggies –

Although Citroën originally made only 50 My Ami Buggys, the car has seemingly been a huge success for the French automaker, as Citroën has now announced that it is building another 1,000 units and will now ship to ten total countries, with these being; Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Morocco and Turkey.

To add to this, Citroën confirmed that these new units will have improved equipment and offer additional accessories, such as transparent door covers and a removable zipper pocket in the center of the steering wheel to store small items.

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This second iteration of the cars will also include improved door and roof frames, a better roof closure system, a new instrument unit and more and will go on sale June 20, all at a price of €10,490. With 40 units promised for the UK, be sure to mark that date in your calendars if you are looking for a perfect vehicle to live the beach life with.

Citroën makes more My Ami Buggies

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