VIDEO The new trailer for The Essex Serpent, released. What to expect from the new Apple TV + production

A new trailer for the miniseries The Essex Serpent focuses on sadness, darkness and a lot of suspicion, as befits any gothic novel that has been screened.

The upcoming miniseries comes from Apple TV + and features Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston.

Adapted from the highly acclaimed 2016 Victorian Gothic novel of the same name, The Essex Serpent stars Danes as Korea, a widow who moves to a small town in eastern England to investigate allegations that a giant snake is haunting the locals.

Along with Danes and Hiddleston, The Essex Serpent also stars Frank Dillane, Clémence Poésy, Hayley Squires, and many others.

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The trailer published by Apple TV +, for this series, offers a brief introduction to the world of superstitions and traditions that cannot be, in any way, changed by modern logic.

From the very beginning, a sense of imminent danger looms over the script, as the snake, supposed to be mythical, frightens everyone in the small community of Aldwinter.

The Essex Serpent, a mix of superstition and reality

Obviously, everyone believes in this creature, except for the character played by Hiddleston, Will Ransome, who remains steadfast and continues to be convinced that the snake is nothing but a manifestation of the collective imagination of the locals. These beliefs may not remain so strong, however, as the action unfolds.

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As shown, The Essex Serpent could be the next award-winning film on Apple TV +, along with Ted Lasso and The Afterparty.

Clio Barnard, who directed the miniseries, is one of Britain’s leading filmmakers, and writer Anna Symon already has a BAFTA and Writer’s Guild nomination. It remains to be seen whether the somewhat melodramatic elements of the trailer match Barnard’s rather discreet traditional style.

The Essex Serpent will premiere on May 13th.

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