Video | Justin Bieber shows the facial paralysis that forces him to cancel his tour

On Thursday all the alarms went off: Justin Bieber announced that he had to postpone three concerts of his tour ‘Justice World Tour’ due to health problems. The artist revealed two years ago that he suffers from Lyme’s deseasecaused by the bite of a tick, and that in some cases causes episodic outbreaks throughout life. “I have done everything possible to get better, but my illness is getting worse,” said the singer.

However, this Friday he has given more details of what is happening to him and it has nothing to do with the bacterial infection. On the contrary, he has been diagnosed with another disease that not only forces him to postpone several ‘shows’, but also forces him to cancel the whole tour and momentarily park your race. She has communicated it through a video in Instagramwhere more than reassuring his fans, he has worried them even more.

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The pop singer28, has been diagnosed with the Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It is a painful rash that breaks out around the ear, on the face, or in the mouth and occurs when a virus, the same one that causes chickenpox and the Herpes zosterinfects a nerve in the head. In his case, Bieber has explained that he suffers from a Facial paralysis partial: he can only smile with the left side, his right eye does not blink, and he cannot move anything on that part of his face.

Can’t blink or smile

“So there is complete paralysis on this side of my face,” he details in the video, where said symptom, while explaining that he is doing facial gymnastics exercises and that he hopes to recover. “She will be back to normal,” she adds.

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Now, he doesn’t know when: “It’s temporary, but I don’t know how long it’s going to last,” he told his followers, to whom he assured that right now it’s physically unable to go up to scenery.

To focus on his recovery, the singer has decided to stop the tour with which he promoted his last two albums, ‘Change’ and ‘Justice’. In the video, Bieber does not specify if he is taking medication to treat the virus, but announces that he will dedicate himself to “rest and relax” until he can get back to doing what he was born to do, he says.

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