Web3 instant messenger SendingMe raises $12.5M

Sending Labsa startup that builds a instant messaging platform decentralizedhas just completed a tour de table from 12.5 million dollars.

Based in New York, Sending Labs offers solutions decentralized and focused on communication for developers and users of Web3.

Its flagship products are SendingNetworka software development kit compatible with Ethereum and Polygon that allows to create chat Dapps (in-app or cross-app) and SendingMea instant messaging platform very complete in terms of features and based on SendingNetwork.

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Led by investment firms Insignia Venture, MindWorks Capital and Signum, the fundraising of Sending Labs also attracted K3 Ventures, LingFeng Innovation Fund, UpHonest Capital and Aipollo Investment.

The American startup will use this funding to integrate other blockchains and layer2 into its SDK, including Solana, Sui, Avalanche and Arbitrum.

Currently in beta, its Web3 messaging platform is expected to debut this quarter.

Telegram and Discord have significant security issues and weaknesses that may make them less attractive options for users looking for a secure and transparent platform […] It’s worth considering other options that offer better security, transparency, and functionality. The future of communications is decentralized,” the company proclaimed in a Linkedin post last month.

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