The latest apps in AppGallery are available on Huawei devices

Huawei has built a real ecosystem of devices in the last few years, and at the heart of them are the company’s smartphones, now equipped with Android operating system with EMUI 12 interface and proprietary Huawei Mobile Services. It’s important to have strong hardware on a phone, a chapter that Huawei P50 Pro doesn’t disappoint, but it’s even more important to have quality software, and AppGallery, Huawei Browser and Gspace are the solutions that the phone manufacturer proposes to offer users. access all the applications they want.

Huawei AppGallery – a rich application store that provides access to the latest applications and services

The main source of applications on Huawei phones and tablets with Android and HarmonyOS is AppGallery, the store that Huawei manages for its devices. In the last few years, it has grown a lot, offering a wide selection of applications and games, which is constantly updated. While the offer of local applications from developers and companies in Romania is now very rich, AppGallery is an international store (the third largest in the world for mobile applications), hosting some of the most popular applications.

Huawei App Gallery

TikTok is now the number one app in the world and is one of the most popular on the Huawei app store. So are Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Revolut, Booking and more. There are banking applications on AppGallery for most major Romanian banks, such as BRD, BT or Raiffeisen, non-bank financial services such as Revolut or Curve, transportation services such as Bolt and some of the newest mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

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All apps in AppGallery go through a rigorous testing and verification process before being published to ensure a high quality of user experience and security of customer data. In fact, Huawei has also had exclusive launches of applications on its own platform over time, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Huawei App Gallery PUBG Mobile

Huawei services, in addition to AppGallery, also include access to Huawei Mobile Cloud, the place where backups (backups) on Huawei phones are stored, which even AppGallery applications can access to store certain data. That way, when you switch phones, you can use the data in the cloud to quickly restore all apps and their data to your new phone. All these services allow you to find your phone through the “Find Device”.

However, AppGallery, like other stores, may not have all the applications on the market available in one place. Fortunately, there are solutions for those looking for alternatives.

Huawei Browser – The alternative for quick application installation

Huawei makes searching for apps simple if they are not in AppGallery. Some, even if not hosted on Huawei servers, may appear with the option to download, with a direct link to the official site of the application or service, or from alternative stores such as APK Mirror or APK Pure. However, the easiest way to quickly search for applications is to log in to Huawei Browser and search for the application name.

There is a good chance that you can find any of your favorite applications directly from there, without having to go to a search engine. Huawei Browser integrates Petal Search, Huawei’s default search application. This service is optimized to quickly find solutions to applications, shopping, travel, and more.

Huawei browser

Even if applications downloaded from outside AppGallery are not verified by Huawei, the EMUI software installed on the phones scans and verifies the authenticity of these applications and blocks their installation if irregularities are detected.

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Huawei Browser is also the place where you can quickly find special offers for AppGallery content, in case you visit the app store less often. When offers or promotions appear, the internet browser will have such messages for users.

Gspace – The solution that completes the offer

As we have known for several years, Huawei does not have access to Google services, but in the meantime there have been alternatives that allow the use of the Google Play Store on these phones as well. One of the fastest and smartest of these solutions is Gspace, an app in AppGallery that gives you quick access to all the apps you can’t run without an active Google Account.

Huawei Gspace

In Gspace, you can sign in with your Google Account to access applications and services such as YouTube, GMail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and more. In fact, from Gspace you can install some of the apps you want from the Play Store, including social media or movie streaming.

HBO Max is one of the newest streaming services launched in Romania, and through Gspace you can even install it on Huawei phones, thus having access to full functionality. All you have to do is go to Gspace, where you can find the HBO Max icon already available. If you access it, you are sent to the Google Play Store for installation. Of course, if Gspace apps should be launched every time from this app, it might get tiring, but there is the option to put shortcuts on the main screen of your phone for quick access.

Huawei HBO Max

Here you can also find Uber or Glovo, Facebook applications such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp or even the OLX application.

Whether you have the latest and most powerful phone from Huawei, such as the flagship P50 Pro, or if you benefit from a mid-range phone, such as Nova9, all these solutions to install your favorite applications are at your disposal.

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