VIDEO De-Influencer, the film that makes the transition between the Saw franchise and social media

De-Influencer is one of the latest horror movies. It will be released sometime this year. Even if the trailer seems like just another movie meant to scare you and that’s about it, we can hope that it will be more than that.

To advertise, the producers released an online trailer, from which we were able to get a small summary (as far as it was understood, at least).

What we know so far about De-Influencer action

Kelly wakes up in the middle of the nightmare of every girl her age. She is being held hostage by a masked kidnapper and has to face a series of challenges on social networks in order to stay alive. Things get complicated when Kelly has to fight not only for her own life, but also for the lives of other young women who, in turn, are being held hostage. It seems that the masked kidnapper has special plans for her.

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The most interesting part of the film is that the dialogue includes a line that might seem familiar from Saw: “Would you like to play a game?” Even the idea of ​​the film might remind you of the famous franchise that, in its day, made some waves.

So, from what I could see, the script copied from Saw combines almost perfectly with the reality of today, in which we spend most of our time online, on social networks. The film seems to focus on life online, which, if left unchecked, can also be lost.

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The De-Influencer thriller manages to do something really clever, however, by combining both lives: both real and online.

The film stars Simon Phillips, Marie Luciani-Grimaldi, Caylin Turner and Anne-Carolyne Binette.

There is no release date for De-Influencer yet, but we know that it will be released this year… at some point.

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