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On March 20, Utopia No.8, a trendy social MMORPG game developed by Taiwanese team Happy Tomato, launched a global player survey today and plans to launch its first Planet Relocation Project via Kickstarter in early April. The game producer stated that Utopia No.8 has received a lot of encouragement and feedback from players since it was unveiled in early March. The team hopes to gather more ideas to create a planetary dream life for all Utokers. The game is expected to undergo alpha testing this June.

The survey is primarily aimed at gathering opinions on Utopia No.8’s systems under development and future game expansion requirements. Players who complete the survey can enter a raffle for an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the list of winners will be announced on the official gaming community.

For those with a dream, Utopia No.8 provides the perfect stage. The game not only offers a healing and casual social experience, but also builds a shining stage for young people with dreams. Through the game’s audio and video tools, players can enter the large-scale concert hall or relax in the karaoke room, where they can fully appreciate or showcase their singing talents. Utopia No.8 also works with several live streaming platforms, giving players the opportunity to join live streaming rooms from different brands to watch broadcasters share and create.

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In addition, the game will also collaborate with illustrators and trendy brand designers to create collaborative works using the game’s user-generated content (UGC) tools. The game will periodically hold global and regional design competitions. Winning entries will have the opportunity to be physically produced and sold. The development team has expressed a desire for all players to have an immersive gaming experience and maximize their creative power.

Pet PIYA serves as the key to happiness and a catalyst for happiness in Utopia No.8. All actions and needs depend on the six elements of earth, fire, wind, aqua, light and darkness, which can only be obtained through the sweet PIYA. PIYA is a unique kind of flying dragon on the planet Utopia No.8. Players can obtain pet eggs by mating. With the randomness of the six main parts of PIYA’s body, it is impossible to have the same appearance, making each PIYA a unique and individual presence.

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Meanwhile, players have the opportunity to interact with their PIYA in various ways, the most important of which are diligently caring for them and nurturing them. Depending on how they are raised, each PIYA develops along unique growth paths. It is recommended that players raise multiple PIYAs with different attributes, as this will greatly assist in gathering elemental energy and creating in-game items.

Utopia No.8 will launch its pre-order campaign for games on Kickstarter in early April. Participating players will not only be eligible to test the game during the alpha test in June, but will also receive limited-edition clothing and exclusive in-game props that will never be released again. In addition, major sponsors will be included in the game’s sponsor developer list. The team cordially invites everyone to join them in bringing their dream paradise to life!

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