WhatsApp takes on UK government over privacy and encryption -.

Head of WhatsApp messaging service Will Cathcart has gone to the United Kingdom to try to argue against a government bill that could target privacy online.

The bill has held up, even in the extreme mess that British politics has become in recent years, and it seeks to include multiple methods to stop harmful content on social media. It also seeks to hold large tech companies accountable for the content on their sites.

Where Cathcart’s concerns come in is where the bill requires companies to use “accredited technology” to identify child abuse content sent publicly and privately on their platforms. Cathcart claims that this technology simply does not exist, meaning that the only way to comply with the law would be to break end-to-end encryption.

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This would result in a few companies running instead of breaking their encryption, which would compromise the privacy of their users.

What do you think?

Thanks, Wired.

WhatsApp takes on British government over privacy and encryption

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