Unprecedented record on the Kickstarter platform: how much money a well-known author has collected from fans, what he does with them

The project of the fantasy and science fiction author, which finances the self-publication of four secret novels, exceeded $ 20.3 million, money that the Pebble Time smartwatch raised in 2015 in just three days.

After 30 days, author Brandon Sanderson’s campaign ended and, supported by his fans, raised $ 41,754,153.

What does Brandon Sanderson want to do with this money?

Sanderson plans to release all four books next year, three of which are set in his Cosmere universe. Its supporters will receive them in the form of e-books, audio books or physical editions. Fans who contributed to this campaign will also receive other rewards.

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To celebrate his success, his team also donated to several literary projects on Kickstarter. As mentioned by The Mary Sue, they donated to over three hundred projects in total and highlighted some of them in a video that should guide several supporters.

If you haven’t heard of Brandon Anderson, he’s an American epic fantasy and science fiction author. He is best known for the fictional Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels are set, especially the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive. In addition to Cosmere, he has written several series for young people and teenagers, including The Reckoners, the Skyward series and the Alcatraz series. He is also known for completing Robert Jordan’s fantasy series, Wheel of Time, and has created several series of graphic fantasy novels, including White Sand and Dark One.

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In 2016, the American media company DMG Entertainment licensed the film rights to Sanderson’s entire Cosmere universe. Sanderson’s Kickstarter campaign in March 2022 became the most successful in history, with a total of $ 41,754,153 in donations.

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