Tronsmart Bang – RGB Portable Speaker and Subwoofer (REVIEW)

Equipped with a carrying handle and a waterproof case, the Tronsmart Bang is a wireless speaker with above average power and RGB lighting synchronized to the rhythm of the music.

With an estimated power of 60W and a configuration with 6 audio speakers (2 active speakers + 2 passive subwoofers and dedicated tweeters), Bang achieves a remarkable sound volume, if we refer to its compact dimensions. In addition, the device can double as a power bank to power your devices.


Tronsmart Bang portable wireless speakerphone can be used with any smartphone, tablet or PC, using the Bluetooth connection and the NFC tag for automatic pairing. There is also a line-in cable with a 3.5mm jack. In addition, if you have other friends in your group who have this speaker model, then all you have to do is press the TuneConn button for automatic syncing, and the music is then played simultaneously through all the speakers in your party group. And if you don’t want to get involved with an external playback device, then you can attach a microSD card or USB stick with your favorite music, using the buttons provided under the handle to change songs.

The Tronsmart Bang speaker is shaped like a slightly sleeker tube with a 361 * 183.4 * 150.3 mm size and a respectable weight of 3.08 Kg, thanks in large part to the two main ferrite magnet speakers and the 6-cell Li-Ion battery. in 18650 format (non-removable). The manufacturer claims a total capacity of 10800mAh.

The housing is well-assembled to prevent unwanted vibration or acoustic resonance, but I can’t guarantee that it can withstand strong falls and bumps without problems, appreciable weight and lack of rubber protection, requiring increased handling. The main design element is the RGB tape unfolded along the length of the case and the two passive subwoofers, also illuminated. Instead, the active speakers are protected behind a textile padding, which covers almost the entire housing.

The built-in battery is sized for 8 hours of music playback (50% volume), or up to 15 hours if we use the dedicated Tronsmart app to turn off RGB lighting. In either case, the autonomy offered should be sufficient for a day at the beach or a walk in the mountains. However, you can’t expect more than 4 hours of volume listening, but you can alleviate this shortcoming by connecting an external Power Bank to the USB-C port on the back. The range of the bluetooth connection is up to 18 meters, in open spaces. In practice, for uninterrupted listening, the phone must be in the same room as the speakerphone, especially if you are moving around the room while searching for your favorite song.

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Although it promises to withstand water splashes, the Tronsmart Bang box is best kept in a carrying bag, avoiding exposure to excess dust (difficult to remove from textile surfaces) or immersion in water.

Used with a micro SD card that contains MP3 files, the speaker will start directly in music playback mode. We can adjust the volume to change the song using the buttons provided under the handle, but we must keep in mind that they are quite difficult to press. We also have an EQ button to activate the SoundPulse audio spatialization effect. Unfortunately, it is necessary to use the Tronsmart smartphone app to access other audio presets and customize RGB lighting. The Mode key allows you to switch to Bluetooth mode (automatic on if no memory card or USB stick is inserted).

Connected to the mobile phone, the speakerphone can act as a speakerphone for answering voice calls. We can answer calls announced with a loudspeaker alert by pressing the call key, communicating further with the other person from a distance of up to 2 m from the speaker, the conversation being perfectly audible for both people.

Tronsmart Bang experience

Definitely the most convenient to use, the bluetooth connection is very easy to make, it is enough to turn on the speaker and bring the mobile phone closer to the NFC tag. Alternatively, we can select the detected speaker in the bluetooth menu of the mobile phone. Once paired with a device, the Tronsmart Bang speaker will automatically connect with each use.

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As for the audition, Tronsmart Bang convinces with its impressive volume and clarity of sound. However, the more demanding music lovers will notice the bass not so penetrating, the default settings favoring rather the maximization of the sound volume. Fortunately, we can largely correct this shortcoming by selecting the Deep Bass profile from the EQ menu of the smartphone app.

Unfortunately, despite updating the firmware version, custom settings in the Tronsmart application are not saved after the device is turned off and on again, the speaker returning to the EQ profile and default RGB lighting.

Helped with a fast charger (not included in the accessory package), the battery charges from 0-100% in about three and a half hours

Tronsmart Bang Specifications:

  • Maximum 60W power: 2 tweeters, 2 active drivers, 2 passive subwoofers
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-A (for powerbank function), 3.5mm Aux-In jack, USB-C for power
  • Audio effects: SoundPulse EQ (selectable with dedicated button) / Deep Bass, 3D Hi-Fi, Classical, Vocal, Rock (selectable from smartphone app)
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Apple Siri
  • Dimensions: 361 * 183.4 * 150.3 mm
  • Weight: 3.08 kg
  • IPX6 certification for water and dust resistance
  • 10800 mAh battery with USB-C charging and LED indicator for charging status


Practical and with an attractive design, Tronsmart Bang can be a great holiday accessory. At the same time, the RGB lighting looks great in the dark and is strong enough to illuminate the walls of the room.

The sound volume is impressive and with minimal distortion that occurs only if we insist on listening at full power. Bass isn’t that impressive in the default settings, but it can be greatly improved by checking the Deep Bass profile in the smartphone app.

Another advantage for Tronsmart Bang is the very good battery life. Basically, if you limit yourself to a moderate volume and disable the RGB function, you can easily get over a week of intermittent battery life.

Box Tronsmart Bang can also be found in store offer from Romania, at the price of about 500 Lei.

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