Director Don’t Look Up reacts to negative reviews: “I was shocked by the hatred of critics”

“Don’t Look Up” director Adam McKay spoke for the first time about the reactions of moviegoers, but also about those of critics, about his controversial production, available on Netflix.

He was shocked by the visceral hatred of negative comments, admitting that he did not expect such a thing. Obviously, he relied on the presence of an exceptional cast that does not lack well-known actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Ron Perlman or Jennifer Lawrence.

As you can see, the cast did not help the film to be loved by everyone, generating the most contradictory reactions. Since some in the audience say that “Don’t Look Up” is a good movie and an exceptional x-ray of the present, others claim that it is just a failed copy of “Idiocracy”.

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What the director “Don’t Look Up” said about the reactions received from fans and critics

As can be seen from the interview with Variety, Adam McKay cannot reconcile with the negative reactions, but more than that, with the way the opinions were expressed.

“I think we were all pretty shocked. The reviews were about 50-50 and that’s fine – we’ve all been through this. But I was shocked by the really intense anger. I was shocked by the hatred of the critics. At the first screening I did not receive such comments and, especially, not in this way. In general, the audience laughed at the test screenings, so I had good reviews then. Later, other opinions were added to them, seemingly contradictory, but also extremely passionate. “People behaved like hyenas on social media,” McKay said.

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“Don’t Look Up” is currently one of the most controversial Netflix movies. This is not necessarily due to the script, but to the way people reacted immediately after watching the “apocalyptic” movie.

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