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Ukraine announces its intention to become “guarantor” of European energy security


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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski announced Wednesday his Executive’s intention to make Ukraine a guarantor of European energy security through its electricity production, and detailed plans to increase electricity exports to European Union countries.

“We will gradually turn Ukraine into one of the guarantors of European energy security thanks to our domestic electricity production,” the Ukrainian leader said in his daily message to the country’s population.

Zelensky reported that the country is preparing to increase its electricity exports to European Union consumers, and stressed the importance of securing Ukraine’s energy network despite the war.

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“Despite this war, we ensured the connection of Ukraine’s energy network to the energy system of the whole Europe in record time,” the Ukrainian president has added.

Also, the Ukrainian head of state has pointed out that energy exports “not only allow the country to earn foreign currency”, but also help its partners to resist Russian energy pressure.

Moreover, Zelensky has said that a group of Ukrainian parliamentarians is preparing an initiative with which they are considering increasing the responsibility of European Union countries for Russia’s evasion of sanctions.

The measure would make disclosure of information on any business contacts, joint ownership of corporate rights and property with citizens of Russia mandatory.

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