The torturer of “the most beloved of all earthlings” imprisoned the soul of Romanians: Dorel Vișan, the actor born, not made, a fairy-tale anti-hero

Dorel Vișan is one of the country’s most important actors. He was born on 25 June 1937 in Tăușeni, Bonțida and is director of the Lucian Blaga Theatre in Cluj.

Dorel Vișan is a Romanian cultural landmark, having played more than 40 roles in theatre, in the most varied range, from Molière to Shakespeare, from Marivaux to Büchner, and in film he had more than 50 roles in Romanian and international productions.

In 1974, the actor made his big screen debut in the comedy “Păcală”, and four years later he was masterful in “Entre oglinzi paralele”, directed by Mircea Veroiu. Then, in 1987, Mircea Danieliuc cast him in the film “Iacob”, in which Vișan played his signature role. The New York Times praised him thus:

“Dorel Vișan in the title role is extraordinary, especially when he stands alone, speechless, for the last 20 minutes,” The New York Times.

Dorel Vișan in Stere Gulea’s Moromeții (1985)

Other significant roles of Dorel Vișan include the role of Tudor Bălosu in Stere Gulea’s Moromeții (1985), in 1995 Mircea Daneliuc gave him the lead role (Senator Vârtosu) in the film “Senatorul melcilor”, and for this performance he received the male performance award at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier-France.

In 1995 he made his literary debut with poems in the magazine Steaua. His name was included in the anthologies “Poeți clujeni contemporani” (1997) and “Un pahar cu luce”.

Dorel Vișan, in “Năpasta”

“When I got tired of saying other people’s words, I decided to say my own words. I have a poetic preoccupation for writing. I have written several books of poetry, I wrote a book of Psalms, which was appreciated in the world, at the International Competition Festival, which starts in Madrid and ends in the Vatican”, said, in an interview for, the actor.

The great actor played a lot in theatre shows, in Romanian and international films, was awarded with numerous honours (among the most important, the National Order of Faithful Service in the rank of Knight, “for the prestigious artistic career and the special talent through which they gave life to the characters played in films, but also on stage, on the occasion of the celebration of a century of Romanian films”), wrote poems… a real artistic career.

Dorel Visan in Ion Creanga film
Dorel Visan with Adrian Pintea in the film “Un bulgăre de humă”

Dorel Vișan has a drama in his old age

However, Dorel Vișan has spoken his bitterness to his fans. He decided to get away from the capital and the world that had so disappointed him. The great actor took an x-ray of the society we live in, which left him with a bitter taste. The actor, who made a significant contribution to Romania’s cultural heritage, confessed that people have changed their way of thinking for the worse, and in 20 years’ time he thinks everything will look terrible. The master now spends less and less time in Bucharest and has replaced his love of art with a love of farming, according to

“I don’t pity actors who feel sorry for themselves on TV, not all of them have small pensions, there are some who have good salaries. You have to understand, as an actor, what favours you do for the country, and not the other way around. My biggest pain is that now when I have a cultural and time pass, now I don’t work anymore!” the actor declared.

“Nobody calls me… It’s a badly organized society. Man if he is purpose, is personality. If he is object, he is person. If he doesn’t understand freedom and goes to pick cucumbers in Germany, he becomes labor. He is no longer a person,” he said, according to

Dorel Vișan says art discovered him, not him, her. An exceptional actor, accomplished poet, passionate about beekeeping and wine, Dorel Vișan is a complex and fascinating personality. He lives his old age in harmony and balance, enjoying peace and relaxation.

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Dorel Visan filmography:

File 631 2022, The Voice Crying in the Wilderness 2021, Junele Sihastru – Narrator 2021, Ladder – Editor of the Newspaper 2020, Nostalgia for Dictatorship 2019, Shadows II – Toma 2017, Short Circuit – Hospital Director 2017, Frozen Ignat 2017, You Were Not There – Costache Ionescu 2014, Only with the Bulletin in Paris – Mihai Marta 2014, Shadows – Toma 2014, Ana 2013, About People and Snails – Vladimir 2012, Pascal Library 2009, Beyond America col. – Marcus 2008, The Dot Man Joseph 2008, Gala TV series 2007, Gypsy Heart TV series 2007, The Scoundrels – Party Financier 2006, The Decapitated Rooster – Mailat 2006, The Nervous System – Blind Minister 2004, Dallas Pashamende – Policeman 2004, The Tycoon – Mircea Moraru 2003, Farewell, Europe! TV series 2003, The Tower of Pisa – Dorel 2002, Occident col. – Vișoiu 2002, Waltz of the Swans 2002, Noro – Noro’s father 2001, The Witnesses TV series 2000, Zapping the policeman 2000, Timisoara Syndrome 1999, Toniamo a casa TV film 1999, Die letzte Station Bălan 1998, Keep an eye on happiness – Marin 1998, Too Late Prefect 1996, The Snail Senator – Senator Vârtosu 1994, Mirror – The Beginning of Truth – Petru Groza 1993, Fox Hunter 1993, Free Time – Chief of Staff 1993, The Most Beloved of All Earthlings – The Guardian “God” 1992, Drumul câinilor – the mayor 1992, Balanța – the country priest 1991, Undeva, în Est – Lupșe 1990, Rămânerea preotul 1990, Un bulgăre de humă – Ion Creangă 1989, Iacob Iacob 1987, Pădureanca popa Furtună 1986, Moromeții – Tudor Bălosu 1986, Miss Aurica Curcuman 1986, Way clear colonel genist 1986, I hope to see you again Bogdan 1985, Storm in the Pacific Marcu 1985, Declaration of love – nea Tăticu 1985, Piciu alt țăran 1984 Seagull season – Simion 1984, Grandfather and a poor honesty 1984, Heroes have no age TV series 1984, Alone by the cart 1983, Hitting a bird of prey Panaitescu 1983, The snowstorm Gheorghe 1982, Cliffs of sand the militiaman 1982, Rainbow balloons Ene Lelea 1982, Woman from Ursa mare Murgu 1982, The Sign of the Serpent Odoleanu 1981, Personal Problems The First Party Secretary 1980, A Girl’s Tear The Major 1980, The Castle in the Carpathians Partenie 1980, Good Evening Irina the Diver 1980, The Bride on the Train Filimon’s Father 1979, The Return of Vodă Lăpușneanu the Executioner 1979, The House between the Fields Firuță 1979, Poor Ioanide son of Hagienuș 1979, Rug and Flame Bogathy 1979, Before Silence the Mayor 1978, Between Parallel Mirrors Lumânăraru 1978, The Taste and Colour of Happiness, The Director of the Weaving Factory 1978, The Wrath of the Cavalry Major 1977, The Green Grass at Home, Stefan’s Brother 1977, Tănase Scatiu Nichitache 1975, The Hangman’s Executioner 1973, The Passing Loves, the Dispatcher 1973

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