Sonata Arctica concert in two cities in Romania: where they will play, how much the tickets cost

Sonata Arctica will play on November 21 at Quantic Club in Bucharest, and the next day they will repeat the concert in Cluj-Napoca, in FORM Space.

The opening act will be Swedish band Eleine, as far as we know. Tickets are priced the same in both Bucharest and Cluj, as you’ll see below.

Where to buy Sonata Arctica tickets and how much they cost

The first 100 tickets went for 79 lei and the next 200 tickets cost 89 lei. Then the latter will be able to buy “admission” for 99 lei in the presale and 120 lei at the door. A processing fee of 5 lei is added to the price of all tickets. Only 800 tickets are on sale, unfortunately.

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Sonata Arctica is one of the most beloved Nordic bands, currently with 10 releases. The foundations of the band were laid in 1995, the group was then known as Tricky Beans and later became Tricky Means.

In 1999, the rockers officially took the name Sonata Arctica, and in the same year, the rockers released their debut album “Ecliptica”. In their 20 years of activity, the band has toured with such heavy names in world rock as Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Dio, Stratovarius, Ensiferum, Dragon Force and Alice Cooper.

In the fall of 2019, Sonata Arctica released their latest studio material titled “Talviyo”, which translates to “Winter Night”. The record quickly entered the charts in Finland, Germany, France and other countries.

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Tickets for the Sonata Arctica concerts in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca can be bought electronically at, in Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1, Muzica, IQ BOX, and on Selfpay terminals. Online, you can pay by credit card, Paypal, Sodexo cultural ticket cards, Vodafone or Orange bill, or even cash on delivery by Fan Courier.

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