The Romanian Netflix movie that will shock you: the exorcism case will haunt you at night

On Netflix you can watch the 2012 Romanian film After the Hills. It is a film directed, produced and written by Cristian Mungiu.

The film was shot in Câmpina, Prahova county. The screenplay is based on the non-fictional novels of writer Tatiana Niculescu Bran, which thematizes the case of the exorcism at the Tanacu monastery in Vaslui county.

The movie “After the Hills” on Netflix

The film premiered on May 19, 2012, at the Cannes Film Festival, where Cristian Mungiu won the award for best screenplay. Cosmina Stratan and Cristina Flutur, who play the lead roles, shared the Best Actress award at the same festival.

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The film After the Hills was Romania’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2013 and made the shortlist, but was not one of the nominated films.

So, if you’re interested in the subject matter, After Hills tells the story of two girls who grew up together and reunite after years apart. Alina (Cristina Flutur) returns from Germany to take with her Voichița (Cosmina Stratan), her childhood friend to whom she still feels very attached. But Voichița has found her way in the faith, and the nuns among whom she lives at the convent take the place of the family she never had. Alina struggles with all her might to regain VoichiĆa’s affection, making those around her wonder where the strength that drives her comes from.

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As I said, what’s interesting is that the Romanian film After Hills is inspired by the investigative novel by Tatiana Niculescu Bran, who wanted to uncover those little facts that defined what the press of the time called “the Tanacu murder”, the death of a young woman who had found spiritual refuge inside a monastery in Tanacu, Vaslui County.

Among the awards he has received are the following:

2012 – Cannes – Awards for screenplay and female performance (Cosmina Stratan, Cristina Flutur)
2012 – Mar del Plata – Best Film
2012 – Thessaloniki – Audience Award
2012 – Vukovar – Best Film

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