Google Maps, available on Huawei phones directly from the AppGallery. How to install it and how it works

Google Maps is arguably the world’s most popular map service, used every day by users for navigating by car, or even public transport, as well as for discovering new places in cities, planning trips or posting and viewing photos posted by others. As the most-used service, it also has the most features, including Street View in most of the world’s cities, and now Huawei phone fans can download and use Google Maps directly from the AppGallery store without limitations.

How to install Google Maps From AppGallery

As we’ve demonstrated in previous articles about apps available in the AppGallery (such as Revolut or YouTube and YouTube Music), installation is extremely simple. All you need to do is access the AppGallery app store, pre-installed on all Huawei phones, and start a new search. Type Google Maps into the box and the install button should already appear.

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Pressing this button starts the app downloading, just like any other app in the AppGallery, and after installation, it will be available at the top of the installed apps list. Below are the steps in photo format:

Importantly, if this is the first app that requires Google services, GBox will need to be installed first. However, this app installs automatically and you do not need to search for it manually. It is important to grant all permissions in the GBox app to ensure the apps work properly. It is important not to uninstall it from your phone once you install Google Maps or other Google apps that use Google services. Of course, if you already have GBox, Google Maps downloads and works without any intermediate steps.

GBox is a tool that helps users easily access Google apps and services. With GBox, you enjoy the native Google experience on all Huawei devices. GBox gives users a seamless experience, no need to reset your devices and no complex settings, GBox will run stable and secure on your phone. In addition, GBox does not bring any ads. For any concerns or questions you have regarding Gbox, visit their official website.

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To test the functionality I searched for restaurants in Bucharest, gas stations, and even tried navigating home from my favorite places on my personal account and everything worked without any problems. The app opens quickly every time and connects quickly to GPS satellites.

User safety a priority for AppGallery

The AppGallery platform is operated by Huawei and built around Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The company places a high emphasis on user safety, so all apps that are published in AppGallery are checked for compromising personal data. Thus, Google Maps, GBox and all other apps that can be downloaded from the store’s offering pass Huawei’s rigorous tests.

AppGallery is the world’s third largest app store, with over 580 million active users each month globally. The store currently offers over 220,000 apps.

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