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The Oscar-winning Disney experiment is more useful than you think


Disney + has tried for the first time the world of live broadcasting in the US, with a broadcast of this year’s Oscar nominations, offering a look at a possible direction for the platform.

“We conducted a test of Disney +’s live streaming capabilities in the United States with Academy Award nominations,” a Disney + spokesman told Engadget in a statement. “We are pleased with the results and will continue to test as part of our ongoing and iterative approach to provide consumers with the best experiences using our streaming platform.”

Nominations have been broadcast on several platforms, including Hulu, Good Morning America, ABC News Live and the Oscars. Given that Disney + wasn’t the only option for movie buffs to watch the nominations, it was a smart way for Disney to test the platform’s live streaming capability without putting too much pressure on the infrastructure. In particular, Disney owns ABC, the network that broadcasts the Academy Awards every year.

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Disney + offers some live streaming options in other countries, including sports in India and WWE events in Indonesia. Of course, Disney has other platforms with live streaming options in the US, including Hulu + Live TV and ESPN +. So it’s not impossible to imagine that Disney + will broadcast live sports, an Oscar ceremony or other events in the future – something that could help the platform stand out from rivals like Netflix, which has largely moved away from broadcasting. direct.

Apple is making waves at the Oscars for the first time

This year’s Oscar nominations have been announced, and Apple TV + bosses are certainly very pleased with the results.

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Movies broadcast on Apple’s streaming service received no more and no less than two Oscar nominations, two more than last year.

Perhaps one of the most popular films broadcast by Apple TV + is “The Tragedy of MacBeth”, directed by Joel Coen, Denzel Washington also receiving a nomination for the lead role he plays, as always, exceptionally.

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