The good news of the day for all Romanian drivers: payment of compensation to RCA for most, in just 5 days

One year ago, the largest insurer in Romania ended up compensating the drivers involved in accidents, on average, after 38 days, more than a month. The situation at the moment is significantly pinker, only 5 days.

Euroins România Asigurare-Reasigurare SA is the most important player in the Romanian RCA insurance industry, according to the number of clients and, especially, after the bankruptcy of City Insurance. Although, until recently, he was not in a very good financial situation, it seems that he managed to achieve some impressive results, especially when it comes to interacting with the victims. According to a company press release, the time required to process damages and pay damages has been drastically reduced. The only foreseeable exceptions to this rule are those with human casualties.

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Euroins compensates you in just 5 days

Compared to the last part of 2021, the time to pay damages decreased by 25%, after, in the last year, the indicator in question decreased steadily, as the Bulgarian insurer points out with a dominant position on the Romanian market.

As a reference, at the end of last year, Euroins Romania reported to the Financial Supervisory Authority that it paid, on average, damages after 6.8 days. The current results betray, in the most positive way possible, a significant progress compared to the second quarter of last year when the average time to pay damages was 38 days.

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“The fact that we have continued to constantly improve our procedures and maintain good relations with all the car services with which we have contractual relations – a rapidly growing collaboration at national level, is proof that we treat responsibly the commitments we have made. , in the strategy we apply to Euroins Romania. We have the vision of a sustainable and strong business, diversified into new insurance products and updated to current needs, products that we hope will bring insurance closer to the hearts of Romanians “, said Tanja Blatnik (photo), CEO of Euroins Romania.

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