The car industry is facing a dilemma: what happens to world production, what it means to us

The semiconductor crisis along with the coronavirus pandemic – which has now caused one of the worst blockages in China – and now multiplied by the conflict in Ukraine will lead to the lowest volume of vehicle supplies worldwide in over 10 years.

The world will buy far fewer vehicles in 2022 than last year, when the impact of isolation was felt in many countries around the world and, surprisingly, more than it did in 2020, when the pandemic slowed the economies of the largest states. from the planet.

The number of vehicles sold this year, estimated by trained professionals, will be at its lowest level since 2011 and to date, according to specialists at the Center Automotive Reserch in Duisburg, an organization known for its portability investigations and explorations. with mentioned work concentrations for China.

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The car industry is at a standstill

The explanation is not a reduction in popularity, similar to what happened in the past. In short, vehicle manufacturers cannot build and deliver an adequate number of vehicles. The maximum production capacity at this time will lead to a total volume of 67.6 million cars sold in 2022, about 1 million less than in the year of the pandemic, 2020, and over 3 million less than in 2021, according to analysis by Center Automotive Research, which points out that the level will be the lowest volume sold since 2011 and to date worldwide.

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The main impact of this financial and industrial environment will be the sudden increase in vehicle costs, both due to rising costs for natural substances, parts and planned operations, but in addition, vehicle manufacturers will try to cover the losses with more exorbitant costs.

The European car industry will feel the economic and political problems.

For Europe, the organization estimates a decrease of more than 10% in vehicle offers, for the largest market, Germany, the decrease will be about 6%.

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