The Aston Martin DB6 has been converted into an electric vehicle -.

Aston Martin has made some truly iconic cars throughout its history. From James Bond’s DB5 to the more modern Vantage line and even the Formula One-like car known as the Valkyrie, the British sports car brand has given us some remarkable offerings. But Aston Martin is not at the forefront of the electric vehicle space and lags behind other auto titans in this area.

Fortunately, the EV experts at Lunaz can give AM a hand in this area and have started this process by completely converting the beautiful DB6 into an all-electric car. According to the company’s website, we are told that the process of turning the car into an EV is a “exhaustive bare-metal restoration and re-engineering process to ensure that the car is a perfect example of an electrified classic.”

To add to this, the car will be carefully weighed and rebuilt to ensure that the balance and proportions are accurate across the body, with the car even getting a completely redone interior. Lunaz is even committed to making the entire EV process limited in waste and environmental impact.

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“The Aston Martin DB6 delivered on the promise of truly indulgent continental touring. This is a legacy that we couldn’t resist continuing by creating the most attractive electric car in the world.”, says Jen Holloway, design director at Lunaz.

There was no mention of when we will first see an EV version of the DB6 on the road, but Lunaz noted that the majority of people interested in an EV version of the car are from Miami in the US, with about 30% of orders coming from this area.

The Aston Martin DB6 has been converted into an electric vehicle

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