The actor who disappeared without a trace: the ‘good’ world Constantin Diplan entered in the ’90s, what happened to the artist

Constantin Diplan was one of the most beloved Romanian actors, especially between 1966 and 1990, and many will remember him through the roles he played throughout his career.

However, at some point, the artist completely disappeared from the Romanian film world, and this fact was a source of annoyance for his fans.

Constantin Diplan – archive image

Constantin Diplan, a prolific actor: he played in more than 60 Romanian films

Throughout his career, he starred in more than 60 feature films, yet at some point his artistic life came to an end and his name stopped appearing on film posters.

Naturally, his fans began asking questions about his mysterious disappearance.

Let’s go back in time for a moment and mention that the future actor Constantin Diplan was born on May 10, 1937, in the capital.

Years later, he was to attend the Institute of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest, entering on his second attempt.

Here, he became a colleague of Gheorghe Dinică, Marin Moraru, Marian Hudac, Camelia Zorlescu. He succeeded in completing the Institute’s courses in 1962.

A year later he was assigned to the State Theatre of Targu Mures and worked with Alexandru Arșinel, Camelia Zorlescu, Ion Andrei, Ion Fiscuteanu, Harry Baranga and Harry Zomenov in the Romanian language section of this theatre.

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Later, he transferred to the National Theatre in the capital.

Over the years, he performed in such theatre shows as:

  • The Merchant of Venice;
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Napoleons;
  • The Toboggan;
  • The Seducer,;
  • A nest of nobles;
  • Margelus;
  • Treasure in the Hill;
  • With all my love;
  • Frog Inspector;
  • Bite out the window;
  • The Book of the Jack.

He made his film debut in 1966 with the film Last Night of Childhood.

This film was followed by others, including:

  • The Origin and Evolution of Vehicles;
  • Oak-extreme urgent;
  • Pirates of the Pacific;
  • Hot Days;
  • Race;
  • Pintea;
  • Gloria doesn’t sing;
  • It’s so close to happiness;
  • Freshman winter;
  • A man in loden;
  • White Mountain;
  • At the crossroads of the great storms;
  • My Traveling Love;
  • Why are the bells ringing, Mitica?;
  • Buletin de București;
  • Twilight of the fountains;
  • Dangerous Flight;
  • Sentimental summer;
  • Declaration of love;
  • The Secret of Nemesisv
  • Hornet’s nest;
  • Family Sunday;
  • Red Rats;
  • Harababura.

Moreover, his work even extended into radio theatre.

Constantin Diplan – archive image

The mystery of the “disappearance” of Constantin Diplan

However, immediately after 1990, Constantin Diplan disappeared from the small and big screens, as well as from the theatres.

The reason for this disappearance was his emigration to the United States. He currently lives in Montgomery Village, Montgomery County, Maryland.

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At some point, he returned to the country and was able to act in a few more films, including The Mirror (1993) and A Trip to Remember (1994).

The actor has reached the venerable age of 85 and lives a quiet life away from the limelight and the hustle and bustle. His former friends have disappeared, but his passion for Oltcit is said to have stayed with him even now.

“Constantin Diplan was the typical image of the neighborhood boy. The nice boy. If you got used to him, you were a lost man. Because you became an addict. You missed him. You missed him. He was clingy and sincere and nice.

He brought a serene naturalness to the stage and screen. It was simply good to see him. On stage, in the cinema, on the street, at a party. He was a classmate of Marinuș Moraru and Gigi Dinică and they remained inseparable friends until his death.

They took many vacations together. He made dozens of films, but for me he remains unforgettable in Mircea Danieliuc’s Race, in a golden triplet with Tora Vasilescu and Mircea Albulescu.

He had a big mouth, he hated the communists, and his jokes about Ceaușescu made him lose many tours and contracts “outside” because, periodically, he didn’t get a visa on his passport”, declared, in 2021, the actor and theatre critic Răzvan Ionescu, about Constantin Diplan.

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