2 useful products in the home and a gadget that will help students a lot with homework

Lidl will have an exciting offer of useful products for the home this week. The products will arrive in stores on Thursday 2 March.

Very interesting and useful, especially for students, is a United Office branded 4-in-1 whiteboard. The product includes a chalkboard, a cork board and a whiteboard. The device can be used by students when doing homework or drawing. Included in the pack: a magnetic chalk holder, a magnetic sponge, two magnets, two pencils and three metal hooks. The 4-in-1 chalkboard measures 51 x 41 x 1.5 cm and will cost about 50 lei.

At the same time, a Silvercrest kitchen radio will be available for 149 lei. The unit operates on FM frequencies 87.5 – 108 MHz and can store 20 stations (10 DAB+ and 10 FM). DAB is a digital technology for transmitting radio stations.

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Radio displays time, date and includes alarm. The intensity of the LCD display can be adjusted in three steps. There’s also a USB port that can be used for charging other electronic devices such as phones. The radio measures 192 x 42 x 138 mm.

Lidl, Silvercrest

Lidl will also be selling a 2-in-1, 22.2 V, battery-powered upright vacuum cleaner starting Thursday. The device uses bagless, cyclone vacuum technology. The dirt and dust tank has a capacity of 0.6 litres. The battery has a capacity of 2,500 mAh and a full charge takes up to 5 hours. The following accessories are included in the box: floor brush, dust brush, nozzle, aluminium suction rod, charger and wall mount. The vacuum cleaner, offered under the Silvercrest brand, will cost 449 lei.

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Also on Thursday Silvercrest gaming peripherals and accessories, which we have already written about extensively in a dedicated article, arrive in Lidl stores.

Photo: Lidl.ro

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