Sony drove its Afeela EV onstage with a PlayStation DualSense controller – and that’s what it did.

Sony embraced the CES spectacle well and truly by showing off its upcoming Afeela EV, made in collaboration with Honda (and a variety of other partners, such as Epic Games, Microsoft and Polyphony Digital ), by driving the car on stage at the event with a PlayStation DualSense controller.
You can see how the car is driven on stage according to the video below from GTPlanet.

The car rolled onto the conference floor while being driven by Sony Honda Mobility representative director, president and COO Izumi Kawanishi, all before looking to explain and talk a lot about the car and how it will use AI and sensing data to improve the user and driving experience.
Speaking of the DualSense integration, this seems to be mostly a gimmick, as fortunately the car is controlled by a traditional steering wheel. Still, it shows what is possible with gaming accessories that you probably have strewn around the house somewhere right now.

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