The Romanian Netflix movie you’ll “laugh your ass off” at: the teen comedy you need to see

Netflix has plenty of Romanian movies to watch. These include many comedies that you “laugh your ass off” at.

One of these Romanian comedies on Netflix is Selfie. Even though the movie is from 2014, it’s sure to get a laugh out of you.

Selfie is the Romanian comedy on Netflix that you’ll definitely laugh at

Instead of staying home and studying for the SATs, three recent high school graduates decide to go to the seaside and end their teenage years in rebellious style. Yasmine, Roxi, and Ana are determined to have fun and forget about their responsibilities in the last two days before the SATs, and that means breaking every rule and doing whatever comes their way, regardless of the consequences. They want freedom, adrenaline and summer love, and the three young men they hook up at the seaside seem more than willing to give them everything they can imagine.

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Directed by Cristina Iacob, the cast includes Olimpia Melinte, Vlad Logigan, Levent Sali, Flavia Hojda, Crina Semciuc and Alex Călin.

Thus, Selfie (or #selfie) is a 2014 Romanian teen comedy film directed by Cristina Jacob and produced by Zazu Film. The plot revolves around three 18-year-old girls (played by Crina Semciuc, Flavia Hojda and Olimpia Melinte) who decide to spend their last days before their final exam on a trip to the beach rather than continue studying. The film draws attention to the selfie phenomenon, famous among the younger generation in 2014, but also now. The film’s action immortalises the protagonists using their mobile phones and posting selfie photos and videos on social media.

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For reference, when it was released in 2014, the Romanian comedy exceeded all expectations at the box office, bringing a lot of Romanians to the cinemas.

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