Esports World Cup Foundation launches support program for esports organizations

The Esports World Cup Foundationorganizer of the Esports World Cup to be held in Saudi Arabia in 2024, has announced a program to support esports teams and organizations. The initiative, called the EWC Club Program, aims to “promote the sustainability of clubs” by enabling them to expand their teams and create new squads.

The Foundation has created a application process that interested teams can complete before the February 15 deadline.. The program will be open to a total of 28 organizations esports organizations from around the world, of which 22 will receive direct invitations. This leaves only six places for applicants.

The EWC Foundation noted that interested organizations should have a track record with a “long-term strategy in the esports industry.”as well as a proven ability to create and develop teams in one or more titles.

The application itself requires teams to fill out information about the regions in which they have a following, the number of followers on social networks, the games in which the team competes, their ambitions and possible new titles and the like.

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He also stated that the organizations accepted into the program will be eligible for a “six-figure annual payment.” This financial incentive will undoubtedly be of interest to a wide range of organizations, especially during the “esports winter”. The Foundation has not provided specific criteria for this incentive, as the initial announcement did not establish official requirements for teams to be in the Program.

The goal of the program is to provide teams with the money needed to create various rosters that, in turn, can be used to compete in the Esports World Cup. However, being part of the program does not guarantee a place in the World Cup.

The EWC Club Program allows organizations to create a sustainable pipeline for the growth of both their existing teams and additional programs. Our goal is to help the clubs we partner with increase their brand visibility, compete in world-class competition and elevate esports as a global sport. Enabling the success and growth of esports teams and players will be a key part of building the future of esports.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation

Launched last year, the Esports World Cup Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the Saudi Arabian government that aims to create a world-class esports event. Earlier this year, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was announced as one of the titles that will be part of the EWC.

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