Shanks fourth in the world in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Barcelona’s Joan Namay ‘Shanks‘, a leading fighting videogame player in Spain, achieves the fourth place in the world in the finals of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. This event is organized by Bandai Namco and has brought together the top 20 worldwide at Las VegasUnited States.

Giants’ competitor, reconfirms its status as a emblem of esports with a new international success, and in Las Vegas, he also already made history at EVO 2019 and starred in one of the most emotional moments.

This is about Shanks’ first official tournament in 2023. The fourth place in the finals of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2022-2023 endorses a great performance of the Giants fighter, although it could have been better if not for a problem with the controller in the last game vs. Kayne.

I think fourth place is very good. Maybe I could have done more because I was feeling very good and playing comfortably, but being fourth in the World Championship finals is a good result. I was trying a new controller and I felt very comfortable, I was really liking how I was playing. Against Kayne I started at ease, but in the second game, unfortunately, I had a problem with the controller, there was a desynchronization, maybe I hit it unintentionally.

Joan Namay ‘Shanks’

Shanks Tournament

The Catalan player of Giants came to the tournament after several months without competing and with a recent change of command, but that did not prevent him from dominating in the early stages and imposed his law as a first of group A sweeping his rivals. in every single set. With a result of four wins and zero losses he advanced to the top 8 through the winner bracket.

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His opponent, was a Dragon Ball FighterZ classic, Fenritti. The Japanese is considered one of the great legends of fighting games, defeated Shanks in a very tight set that could have gone to either fighter, so he continued his journey through the loser bracket.

In the loser bracket, Shanks defeated Zane in a great series.which allowed him to advance to the semifinal against an old rival, the Frenchman Kayne. But Kayne’s level, together with the control problem, kept the Catalan from fighting for the podium. Shanks finished fourth in the world, Kayne was third, Wade, second, and Fenritti, first.

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