Max Verstappen has a racing sim-rig in his private jet

To be a Formula 1 world champion takes a lot of dedication and hard work, more so to be a back-to-back world champion like Max Verstappen. To this end, a new report from Sport1 has been published, stating that Verstappen has even modified his own private jet to a racing sim rig, all so he can practice while traveling around the world.

This comes via a quote from Red Bull’s driver program boss Helmut Marko who stated: “He has even had his private plane converted so that he can fly a simulator in the future. But that’s just as well, because Max needs this distraction. At least it didn’t hurt him when it came to his two titles.”

This no doubt comes in handy when preparing for a Grand Prix weekend, but also because Verstappen is a pretty remarkable figure in the competitive sim racing space, and no doubt enjoys clocking several hours while flying around the world.

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Max Verstappen has a racing sim rig in his private jet

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