Sad news for 1899 fans: what a radical decision Netflix has made

Netflix has cancelled the sci-fi series 1899 after the first season.

The series comes from creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, responsible for another Netflix hit, Dark.

1899 focused on the crew and passengers aboard the Kerberos and the secrets that link their journey to the recently vanished ship, Prometheus.

Baran bo Odar announced on Instagram that Netflix has chosen not to collaborate for a second season, which means we won’t find out how this story ends.

He also explained that the original plan was for 1899 to reveal its secrets over the course of three seasons, as was the case with Dark.

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Netflix seems to have made a habit of this

So, if you were hoping to find out new plot details about the show soon, that’s not going to happen, and for that you have Netflix to “thank”, who, as far as we can tell, have started to make a habit of removing shows from the grid that have some sort of audience appeal.

Of course, there’s a possibility that the numbers decided this, just as there’s a possibility that Netflix raised its standards a bit too high.

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We have to remember that a few months ago, Netflix decided to focus on quality, not necessarily quantity, in an effort to win back lost subscribers, or so it claimed.

Still, watching the streaming giant’s recent releases, it’s unclear whether the strategy has worked, since the decisions seem more chaotic than logical.

All that remains for us to do, under these circumstances, is to imagine the 1899 sequel at will, since season one of 1899 provided enough clues for the story to be continued by the inventive minds of moviegoers.

If you’re passionate about the series, we invite you to read an exclusive interview here.

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