Road Code 2022 – the changes have entered into force and apply to all Romanian drivers: what has changed

We have been discussing the amendments to the 2022 Traffic Code for several months now. Until now, however, they were only hypothetical on paper. However, all drivers in Romania must know that they have entered into force.

From the beginning of this week, all the provisions of the new Road Code are having their effects felt on the road in Romania. The penalties are significantly higher, the fines are more numerous, and gestures that were completely ignored by traffic agents will now be reflected in costly fines. As an important change, exceeding the maximum allowed limit by 70 km / h is now sanctioned by withholding the permit for 120 days, without the possibility of reducing the sanction to one month.

Road Code 2022, important changes

The most important aspect of the new traffic code that came into force earlier this week is the aggressive steering compartment, which until now was not defined in the Traffic Code. Demonstrations of zigzag driving, flashes, unjustified horns and other forms of harassment are charged between 580 and 725 lei, plus the suspension of the right to drive for a period of 30 days.

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According to the Traffic Police, this provision involves “those who fall into the category of moving successively from one lane of traffic to another or from one lane to another, alternating from left to right, in order to overtake a series of vehicles that it is moving in the same direction ”. Aggressive driving also includes “turning the vehicle over using the auxiliary brake” or starting on the spot “with excessive idling of the drive wheels”. Last but not least, motorcyclists who “decide to stay with only one wheel on the ground” are penalized.

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Moreover, this contravention includes those who come from behind “using the light and sound signals repeatedly, only to force you to release the traffic lane” and neither the traffic “with the vehicle at a very short distance from another vehicle. , in front of or behind it, as well as to the side, or the sudden reduction of the speed of movement without good reason, of nature to intimidate its driver ”. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident, the fine jumps between 870 and 1160 lei, plus the driving break period reaches 60 days. The complete list of new sanctions introduced in the Road Code 2022 can be found here and here.

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