Road Code 2022 – important change for young drivers: what happens with the car exam soon

A bill that is currently being debated in the Senate brings new legislative changes to the Highway Code. The target is mainly young people who want to get the right to drive on public roads. In the following lines we detail all the measures proposed by the authorities.

One of the most important changes concerns the car exam. According to the bill, future drivers will have the right to take the driving test anywhere in the country, not just in their home town. It seems that from there, the people who will manage to pass the tests will be able to get their driver’s license revoked. It should be noted that the practical test will be held in the car with the examiner (body of law) and witnesses at the event.

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Also, the project we are referring to also provides for the possibility that in the examination car, in addition to the examiner and witness, the driving instructor will be present. This measure would aim to create a psychological comfort for the candidate. Many young people who fail the practice test say they feel intimidated by being alone with strangers in the car, and the presence of their personal trainer would help them relax and be better able to meet the examiner’s requirements.


Other changes to the Highway Code

In addition to the above measure, it is also proposed to change the way of conducting driving school. There is a possibility that the young candidates for driver status will be able to take the exam and then take care of the practical preparation hours for the route.

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Last but not least, the new bill to amend the Highway Code also talks about drivers who exceed the legal limit by more than 70 km per hour. If the new measures come into force, these people will receive proof that they can drive for another 15 days after the event, which is not the case under current traffic rules.

It should be noted that we are not talking about measures already adopted, but about legislative proposals under debate. During the debate, they may change!

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