Mercedes-Benz makes the jump on Tesla with level 3 automated driving

For the most part, it really seemed like Tesla was the gold standard for automated driving features, but that has seemingly changed. Because Mercedes-Benz has announced that it has achieved Level 3 automated driving and will put it in consumer vehicles for the first time for the 2024 lineup of S-Class and EQS Sedans to be used in certain states in the US.

What distinguishes Level 3 from Level 2 in other cars is largely more freedom for the driver, including the ability to actually look away from the road to watch a movie, talk to a passenger, play a game, and so on, while the car controls and drives up to a speed of 40 mph.

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This system is known as Drive Pilot and as Mercedes-Benz’s chief technology officer, Markus Schäfer states: “Our DRIVE PILOT takes a major step forward to achieve that and places us at the forefront of innovation in the crucial field of automated driving. DRIVE PILOT demonstrates once again that our pioneering spirit is part of our DNA.”

It should be noted that this is currently only allowed in the state of Nevada, but that Mercedes-Benz is pushing for compliance in California and other places.

Mercedes-Benz makes the jump on Tesla with level 3 automated driving

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