REVIEW Paradise PD – perhaps Netflix’s most controversial animation to date

Paradise PD is the name of one of the most controversial animations currently available to watch on Netflix.

So, if you like extremely naughty, in some ways even strangely naughty, adult cartoons, Paradise PD is clearly for you.

Paradise PD has a new season

If you’ve seen Paradise PD before, you’ll be happy to know that the fourth season was recently released on Netflix.

In case the name is completely unfamiliar to you, know that this animated series is in no way for those with sensitive stomachs, nor for the sensitive in general.

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Paradise PD tells the story of a small-town American police precinct named Paradise, run in the most flawed and corrupt way possible by Randall Crowford.

In fact, the whole small town seems to be something of a family affair, since Randall’s son Kevin Crowford also works in the same police station and his wife Karen Crowford is the mayor of Paradise.

Karen’s name is not chosen by chance, since that is what women of little intelligence, and, moreover, of misguided opinions, are called in the United States today. “You are such a Karen” is an expression you are likely to hear if, by chance, there is a woman in your circle who can be characterized in the above words.

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What’s more, in the recently released final season, Karen and Randall strike up an awkward relationship with none other than Elon Musk, who arrives in Paradise aboard his strange, square Tesla car.

About Paradise PD it can be said that it successfully enters the line opened by The Simpsons and followed with sanctity by other shows, obviously in an exaggerated way, like Family Guy, Big Mouth or Rick and Morty.

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