REVIEW One of Us is Lying – the perfect Netflix series for a Sunday when you don’t want to get too involved

One of Us is Lying is the name of one of the latest series you can watch on Netflix this season.

Incidentally, it should be mentioned that this is the perfect series if you have a weekend where you either don’t want to do anything. You can just sit comfortably in your couch or armchair and watch this show that promises not to bore you, unless you have very high expectations, of course.

One of Us is Lying, slightly predictable and just as easy to watch

One of Us is Lying will grab your attention from the start, and that’s undoubtedly a pretty good thing. In short, four wildly different teenagers are brought together by an unfortunate conjunction that none of them asked for.

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Arriving, by chance, in school detention, the four face the death of the fifth, also present in the “teenage torture” room.

Obviously, a poorly conducted investigation leads to them being accused of murder one by one, or even together, and even they come to suspect each other.

There’s a chance you won’t realize from the start who the killer is, as the show tries to lead you down several wrong paths for the sake of art. Even so, with a little care, you can predict the ending as early as the first two episodes.

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Whether or not you’ve figured out who killed Simon, it’s worth getting up in front of the screen watching Netflix’s One of Us is Lying. If not for the script, then at least for the acting performance of the young arstist who plays Simon, Mark McKenna. Without fear of being wrong, I predict a great future for McKenna in film, but on one condition: that someone else observed what I, a mere viewer, observed.

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