Galaxy S23 Ultra could adopt a larger fingerprint sensor that can “read” two fingers simultaneously

Samsung is one of the few companies in the market to adopt Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, which don’t require light from under the screen to work, as we see in many other competing models. Already a few years ago, Qualcomm announced the 3D Sonic Mac Ultrasonic ultrasonic sensors, which increase the operating area to nearly a third of the screen and can even offer support for two-finger authentication simultaneously. It looks like Samsung will again be among the company’s few partners, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra set to adopt the technology.

Samsung’s next flagship could offer many new hardware features, such as a new fingerprint sensor

The Galaxy S10 series was the first to adopt ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, and the initial impression was not at all positive. The sensors were slow, and their accuracy was low. However, it seems that improvements in hardware and software over time have led to refinements in the technology, with the sensors on the S21 and S22 models being among the best on the market now.

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The adoption of 3D Sonic Max, the next-generation fingerprint sensor, could bring further improvements to the user experience of Samsung flagships. First, you’d be able to unlock your phone by tapping a “general” area of the sensor at the bottom of the screen, without having to memorize the precise point where the reader is located. Then, security could be increased by being able to register two fingers simultaneously. This way, you can both avoid accidental unlocking and ensure that other people can’t unlock your phone using methods that have proven effective in the past to “trick” such security systems.

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However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra won’t be the first phone to use this fingerprint sensor. The Sharp Aquos R6, the Japanese brand’s flagship launched a year ago, had this “honor”. The Vivo X80 Pro, released this year, also includes such a sensor.

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