REVIEW Don’t Pick Up the Phone – the Netlix documentary that shows you just how far “a joke” can go

If you like documentaries and have an active Netflix account, it might not hurt to give Don’t Pick Up the Phone a shot.

Don’t Pick Up the Phone is one of the latest “true crime” documentaries and, as previously mentioned, you can watch it on Netflix.

Don’t Pick Up the Phone shows you just how ugly the world around us can be, given the chance

This documentary takes the form of a three-episode miniseries and tells the true story behind a “joke” that’s been taken a little too far.

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Don’t Pick Up the Phone recounts the terrible ordeal of some fast food managers in the United States, managing to put the spotlight on the ease with which people can be duped under certain circumstances.

If you will, the Netflix documentary isn’t necessarily about the bad jokes you can make to someone on the phone, but more about how some people react if put in a tight spot.

The story is a shocking one and is based on events that took place over ten years, with the last such call taking place in 2004.

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It will shock you and obviously make you wonder how such a thing was possible. A peculiar case that, in parallel, gave the police a lot of headaches until the perpetrator was (or was not) caught.

However, the real culprits are not the obvious ones, but rather those people who choose to indulge certain misguided insticts, especially if “a police officer” tells them they must do just that.

You can even learn some lessons from Don’t Pick Up the Phone, so less than three hours of your life spent watching this documentary will not qualify as “time wasted”.

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