Indiegame developer Blindflug Studios announces new PC game Ground of Aces – That’s Gaming

Swiss-Polish developer Blindflug Studios has unveiled their new project Ground of Aces, a base-building game set during World War II. The game is being developed for PC, with a planned release in 2024. A Kickstarter campaign is being launched today to support the development.

In Ground of Aces, players can build and micromanage a World War II airbase inhabited by a diverse cast of pilots and crew members. While you can play Ground of Aces in an infinite free build mode, the Theater campaigns give you specific glimpses of World War II and the challenges air bases and their crews faced, such as the story of the Battle of Britain. It is inspired by free-form base builder games such as Rimworld and Going Medieval and historical strategy games such as Hearts of Iron IV. The drawing style will pay homage to the “ligne claire” style of French-Belgian comics such as Biggles and Buck Danny.

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Co-founder and executive producer of Blindflug Studios, Moritz Zumbühl, has been working on the idea for Ground of Aces for several years: “As a big fan of history, aviation and base-building, I noticed the lack of base-building games focused on World War II airfields. . Together with my team, we want to fill this gap. We are very excited to finally share this passion project with the gaming community and fellow World War II history buffs.

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