Pedro Acosta: “I hope I never assimilate the World Cup because that way I will always want more”

“There was the possibility of going to MotoGP but you shouldn’t skip stages”

MADRID, Nov. 17 (Royals Blue) –

The Spanish rider and current Moto3 world champion Pedro Acosta, who in 2022 will race in Moto2 with the powerful Red Bull KTM Ajo team, has revealed that “there was the possibility” of making the direct jump to the premier class of MotoGP but that he preferred not to do it to tan in the intermediate category, while you want not to assimilate your title to always want more.

The Moto3 champion admitted, in an interview on the DAZN platform collected by Europa Press, that he does not yet feel world champion and sees it as a good thing to pursue more titles. “I hope I never assimilate it because that way I will always want more,” he bet.

“In the end, getting your feet off the ground can make you believe more than you are. I hope it doesn’t happen to me, but if it happens, I have the right people nearby to get me down,” he added, thinking about the immediate future.

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On the other hand, he acknowledged that he chose not to “skip stages” and go to Moto2 before MotoGP. “Yes, there was that MotoGP option. Speaking clearly, I was going to turn 18 in the middle of next season if I went up to MotoGP. What need was there to skip stages, to burn them, to go to MotoGP?” he asked.

“It was worth jumping to Moto2, gaining experience, which is what will make me arrive prepared when I get to MotoGP. The important thing is not to win at the bottom, it is to come up prepared at the top and do it well. I think you should not skip stages”, Mazarrón confirmed.

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In addition, he will continue with KTM, the Austrian brand that trusted him from the beginning. “KTM trusted me, Red Bull gave everything for me. And this is the best way to reward them. I hope to be here for a long time”, he valued.

On the other hand, about his triumphant season in Moto3, he acknowledged having suffered in one facet. “At the beginning of the year I measured 1.67 and when I came back from the summer, 1.72. Those 4 or 5 centimeters are noticeable. It has been something bad that I have kept silent. I could not make the excuse of not having won the World Cup because of this, I couldn’t have the taste in my mouth of not having been world champion because my back hurt”, he was honest.

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